Our story

It All Started with a Drizzle

As fate would have it, a spontaneous set of events happened to our founder (Michélle F.) which sparked a series of discoveries, that would ultimately inspire the creation of our brand. It happened in the early 2000’s when she was travelling the world, filled with adventurous spirits strolling through the beautiful streets of London.

The day was beautiful, sunny blue skies behind scattered clouds. The air was fresh with a hint of fresh cut grass. But surprisingly, a rain cloud must’ve snuck directly above her, because a sudden drizzle forced her to take cover in front of a boutique coffee shop.

And it was here where she met the intriguing and fascinating man who sparked a series of discoveries that would create our brand. His name? Louise Elliot. He appeared magically out of nowhere, his style was impeccable, and his tall body towered over as started a conversation by tapping Arianna’s shoulder from the side.

“Where in the world did you get your necklace from? It’s absolutely stunning!”


The question really stunned Arianna, because not only is the necklace really special to her, she didn’t know the true origins of it herself. The necklace was a bold shining pendant secured by a silvery chain. It was passed down from her late grandmother, rarely ever worn, therefore she never thought much of it.

Feeling ashamed, it created a burning desire to discover more about her grandmother’s past. It filled her with a sense of curiosity and purpose. Once the rain stopped, Louise insisted she go find out more about the necklace, as if he already knew there’s special story behind it.

And thus, our founder was set on a mission to discover the true origins of the necklace. Prompting her to return home and contact all her relatives.

It was discovered to be the most treasured piece of jewelry in her grandmother’s collection.

Only her Aunt was able to reveal that the true story behind the necklace. It was told that her grandmother painstaking saved up a months salary to purchase it as a gift, celebrating her birthday alone, during a dark time in her life when she ran away from home.

By giving herself this valuable gift, It gave her a sense of empowerment and self love, knowing that she can not only survive on her own but can also treat herself to something nice.

Learning about the courageous past of her grandmother, it filled Ariana with a wide range of emotions. She was so happy and proud of her grandmother fighting through the struggle, yet so sad and helpless she went through such difficult times alone.

“Nobody should have to spend a month’s salary for a necklace.”


Especially for a young woman trying to survive on her own, that hard earned money should be spent on something more valuable to her life, such as nutritious meals that would fill her stomach and fuel her body for weeks to come.

It was with that thought when our founder was inspired to create her own Jewelry line, a jewelry line that is beautiful and eye catching like the piece she was gifted by her grandmother.

A jewelry line that empowers women, looks beautiful and can create wonderful experiences. Most importantly, it must be affordable such that they can be enjoyed by women in all walks of life.